Behind The Great Slate

This is a mailing list to keep people updated on news from the Great Slate—five progressive candidates in rural districts that Tech Solidarity is supporting for Congress.

I will keep this list substantive and low-volume (1-2 posts per week). The target audience is people who donated (or are thinking of donating) to these candidates, and want to keep up with how they are doing as we move through the primary season into the general election.

I promise not to share emails or other signup data from this list with anyone else, however worthy. You can unsubscribe anytime.

I will include routine fundraising appeals with messages (because I am a fundraiser!) but I promise to do that with a light touch.  The goal here is to give people a chance to keep tabs on campaigns they cared enough to support, and allow me to give more substantive updates and inside-baseball political context that I can give on Twitter.

Thank you for supporting the Great Slate!

Maciej Ceglowski
Tech Soldarity
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